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How to organize an event
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How to organize an event

Managing events are good opportunities to develop your relationship with important stakeholders or decision-makers in your organization. If you have thought about the purpose of your event and decided it’s a good way to reach your overall objectives, then it’s vital that it organized well, and it runs smoothly.

Step 1 Plan ahead
Give yourself enough time to plan and promote your event
Depending on the size of your event, it is wise to give at least 3 months of planning time before your event takes place. The bigger the event, the longer lead-in time you will need.

Step 2 Find out your budget and your team.
How much do you have to spend on your event, and who is going to help you to organize it? Events can cost a lot of money to put on and take a lot of work to be successful. It’s important you confirm your budget and find people with different skills to help – this could be colleagues and/or volunteers.

Step 3 Decide who you want to invite
Think about who you want to come to your event. Depending on the type and profile of your event your guests may consist of VIPs alongside local residents and colleagues. Write a list and get their contact details, either postal or electronic.

Step 4 Decide on a date and venue
Once your guest list is decided, and you have confirmed a suitable date in the diaries of the most important attendees you can book a venue. Make sure it’s big enough and that has all the facilities that you may need e.g. catering, stage, AV equipment, break-out rooms. Make sure the venue is in an accessible area and that the event is at a time that is suitable for your audience.

Step 5 Organize the event
Have regular meetings with your team to ensure that the organization process is going to plan. It’s useful to have a timeline showing tasks that need to be completed to keep everyone on track. Ensure that all bookings are confirmed and tasks are completed by event day.
Step 4 Publicise the event
Whether your event has a closed guest list, or it’s open for anyone to attend, it’s important that you promote it to achieve your desired attendance. See ‘How to publicize you event for more information.

Step 6 On event day
Make sure you have all items needed for the event. Arrive early to ensure everything is set up as required. As your guests arrive make sure they know where to go and what is happening throughout the event. Make sure you and your team are available to answer any queries.

Do’s and don’t’s
Visit your venue at least once before your event, it will give you a good idea of what you can and can’t do when you are there.
Delegate work to different people and let an experienced person coordinate all activities.
Think about any problems that may arise on the day and plan for these
Forget to take guest and supplier contact details just in case someone is running late, and you need to get in touch

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