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SHAKARIKI -20 Years Anniversary Party- Bangkok 2022

In 2002, he opened Izakaya Shakariki 432 in Osaka. After opening the second shop in 2005, he expanded the number of shops to six in Osaka Prefecture, but he felt there was a limit to further expansion. Shimizu It was around that time that I was conscious of expanding into Thailand.I had visited Thailand several times, and the level of Japanese restaurants in Thailand was high, and there was still a lot of potentials. He felt that he had many restaurants in common with other people, and his desire to expand into Thailand became stronger. In
2012, he sold four restaurants in Osaka and moved to Thailand alone to open the first Asok restaurant in July 2012. We have 230 kinds of menus, including Osaka soul food and izakaya cuisine, and we have become a store loved by many Thai people by offering late-night service and Osaka-style humorous service
has 20 stores in Thailand, 1 store in Japan, 1 store in Malaysia, and 1 store in Myanmar.

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